Joanna Collins was born in about 1745, and was Ari’s 7x great-grandmother. On 10th October 1765, she married John Holloway and they had four daughters. Joanna died in April 1797 and was buried on the 14th at All Saints, Upper Clatford in Hampshire.


I had thought that this was all I knew about Joanna, but I have just found this website, which tells me that she was baptised on 19th July 1744, and was the daughter of William Collins and Joanna Bendal, who went on to have another six children. So we have a new surname and more direct ancestors we can name, to add to Ari’s collection (he now has 508!). Thanks to Elizabeth Kipp for transcribing the parish records and putting them online.


Ari, this is how you are related to Joanna:

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 18.34.27.png

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